Child abuse and neglect, sexual abuse and domestic violence

When you feel you have become abusive towards your dear ones (aggressive, forceful, controlling, bullying, irritating, neglecting their physical or emotional needs or have an issue with respecting sexual borders), please ask for help (a very important step 1). If you suspect child abuse or neglect, domestic violence or sexual abuse or when you experience abuse yourself you can discuss this with your therapist or doctor and call Veilig Thuis (Safe Home) at 0800-2000 24 hours a day 7 days a week, see Please watch these vimeo messages from Team-Kim  (for children and adolescents) or (for professionals and others).

If you yourself were raped or sexually abused you can call a CSG (Centre for Sexual Assault) at 0800-0118  24 hours a day 7 days a week, see and .

In case of child abuse and neglect or sexual abuse Dutch law requires assessment according to the reporting code child abuse and neglect. This may involve collaboration with or mandatory reporting to ‘Veilig Thuis’, multidisciplinary centers for child abuse and neglect and other child protection services or international legal services even if you signed a privacy statement or enjoy diplomatic immunity. If you have a concern in this respect it is your adult duty to seek help for the children and family involved as soon as possible. We offer the right diagnostic assessments, counselling and treatment options.

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