Children and adolescents

Till 18 years of age the Dutch municipality you live in has the responsibility to pay for any mental health costs. Each municipality has its own way of doing so. This means that mental health for youth has to be contracted for with each municipality separately. For a small clinic this is a lot of work as each municipality demands a different way of administration and financial control. Work that cannot be dedicated to helping patients. Therefore, iMindU has choosen to not contract municipalities in the beginning, but first dedicate time to startup quality patientcare. In 2022 we may be able to contract some municipalities, but it is not doable unfortunately to contract a lot even in the Randstad region, let alone all of them (355 in number). We think civilians should demand a uniform system from the government that guarantees equal access to mental health care and equal payment for it, like for any somatic condition a child has and like any adult with mental or somatic problems. According to children’s rights and the sustainable development goals. The Law on Youth (Jeugdwet; Jeugdwet dd 29-03-2019) guarantees the municipalities pay for any mental health care needed according to parents’ wishes and free choice of mental health professional or doctor. Unfortunately, daily experiences are different so far, with long procedures to acquire a Personal Budget (PGB) or Zorg in Natura (ZIN) if you do not seek mental health through the local mental health teams and institutions with long waiting lists or basic and not specialized mental health care. However, we encourage you to do so at your own municipality before or as soon as you have contacted us in order to hopefully get at least some refunds from seeking help for your child. It is your own responsibility as a parent, we can only support you in doing so. We have developed a format you can use for getting a PGB or ZIN that works at least for Holland Rijnland. If needed, we will help you fill out the form. Note, procedures may take weeks to months. You will be responsible for payment of any costs made by iMindU on behalf of your child, your family or yourselves in any case.

In case you decide to pay our care yourself or through your international insurance company (please check their conditions, it is your own responsibility), these are our fees:

Childpsychiatric assessment and treatment 185 euro per hour for any direct AND indirect time (direct/indirect). Please be aware that this includes not just face-to-face time, but also any time spent on the phone, writing e-mails, sms, app, letters, filling out forms, reports, treatment plan, administration, reading documentation or literature, preparation time and time working out therapy sessions, consultation of schools, youth teams, municipality, Safe Home, youth protection or others on behalf of your child, multidisciplinary meetings and consultation whether face-to-face, by phone, e-mail, fax, sms, app or digital platform. Also, if hospitalization or referral to a day clinic is needed for your child, the time spent to realize this will be charged, since it can take a lot of time to find a spot at a child psychiatric hospital or day clinic unfortunately.


185 euro for direct AND indirect time, see billing conditions and tariff list at the clinic and here Fees children and adolescents


For adults a DBC (Diagnose Behandel Combinatie) is opened that will be paid for by your Dutch insurance company if you have one according to NZA guidelines applying in the Netherlands (18+ years of age). If you have an international insurance company we ask a warranty that guarantees that costs will be directly paid to iMindU. If you do not wish your Dutch insurance company to be notified about your psychiatric consultation or treatment and decide to pay costs yourself, fees are still according to NZA guidelines by law (about 138 euro/hour at this moment for direct and indirect time).
Please be aware you have to pay your own annual risk (385 euro per person) and an additional 20 euros per session from your own pocket in case of psychotherapy, even when insured with a Dutch insurance company. For an international insurance company, please check its conditions.
You may get 80-100% of the fee for diagnostics or treatment reimbursed by your health insurance company if you have a restitution policy. If you have a so called ‘natura’ policy, you likely get somewhere between 55-80% reimbursed. However, you need to pay the full invoice we send to you. Please check your policy conditions for reimbursement before you start treatment at iMindU. It is your own responsibility whether or not you choose for uncontracted care and partial reimbursement.

In case of no show your health insurance company nor Personal Budgets (PGBs) reimburses the fee.
The fees for treatment are determined by law by the Health Service Tariff Tribunal (College Tarieven Gezondheidszorg). The ministry of Health, Science and Sports has instructed that treatments are not charged separately or per session, but in a diagnose treatment combination (DBC). A DBC contains the whole course of treatment from your first consultation up to the last contact. All expenses of the direct and indirect activities (e.g. writing a report or treatment plan) concerning your treatment have been accumulated in a specified code known as the DBC-code. The price of a DBC is determined by a department of the ministry of health and is based on the diagnosis and the average costs of a comparable treatment. The invoice will only be drawn up and sent when all treatments for a diagnosis have been ended or if a period of 365 days has been exceeded. Treatment fees within the Dutch health care system include all services and will be invoiced before each contact and periodically. They can be reimbursed to you by the insurance company at the end of the treatment.


iMindU has a contract with Zilveren Kruis Achmea. At the moment, iMindU therefore mainly works contractfree for children as well as adults.

It is difficult to forecast the treatment cost because the diagnosis and following treatment are not always known in advance of your treatment. You are welcome to consult us for a cost estimate, but please be aware that the final costs may vary from price estimates given previously. Direct and indirect time is counted. Direct time is face-to-face, e-mail/digital or phone contact. Indirect time can e.g. be reporting or administration time, time to consult colleagues, meetings with team members on your case, prescriptions, etc. You may also opt to buy a time bundle with a certain number of minutes to keep track of the costs. Or we can agree upon a cost estimation for certain services that you have to sign for and pay for in advance. Anything extra will have to be paid for separately.

We will require a deposit beforehand and may ask for a new one during treatment when costs are accumulating but invoices are not being paid for in time. You will get a confirmation of receipt. Invoices are separate from the deposit. The deposit will be returned to you once the treatment has been finished and all invoices have been completely paid. If you have not paid your invoices within two months we will keep the deposit. Any costs not paid for yet we will hand over to IncassoPartners. We can also ask you to sign a direct debit authorization before starting treatment. For those with an international insurance policy or employed by an embassy we require a warranty (‘garantiestelling’).

We have a strict payment procedure to ensure the continuation of diagnostics and treatment. It is your own responsibility as a parent to make sure that treatment of yourself or your child is not endangered by unpaid invoices. Fees can be paid by pin or digital payment request and invoices are due within 7 days using a bank transfer or mobile bank transaction. If not paid for within that period of time we will request payment twice thereafter before handing the invoice to IncassoPartners. An incasso procedure creates extra charges which you have to pay as well. Please make sure you contact your insurance company in advance about its refund policy when seeking diagnostic or treatment services from iMindU. Check our general and billing conditions, see under Legal.

For iMindU Academy activities fees vary between 150-200 euro per hour.
Coaching fees depend on the one requesting so. Coaching and a second opinion have to be charged with 21% VAT (BTW). Diagnostic reports for forensic purposes also are charged with 21% BTW tax. All other health costs are exempt from VAT (BTW).

Dutch healthcare system

If you are registered as living in the Netherlands you have a legal obligation to be insured for healthcare through a Dutch health insurance company (within four months of entering the Netherlands). Only expatriates working for certain international organisations and embassies or those with employment that qualifies due to social security amounts being paid in another country may use a non-Dutch health insurance. Please visit the English website of the Dutch government for information on Dutch Health insurance https://www.government.nl/topics/themes/family-health-and-care.

Whether you are insured through a Dutch health insurance company (zorgverzekeraar), hold a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and have an insurance number on record, or are insured through a foreign or international insurance company, we will send the invoice directly to you unless a warranty is available from your international insurance company or embassy or an ‘Akte van cessie’ from your Dutch health insurance company is possible. A warranty and an ‘Akte van cessie’ allow us to directly get payment from certain international or Dutch insurance companies. Depending on your coverage the health insurance company can reimburse you for the costs. You must first pay the invoice yourself, whereafter you can claim costs back from your insurance company. The extent to which the invoiced amount for the consultation and services will be reimbursed by your insurance company will depend on your coverage. We recommend that you consult your health insurance company regarding refunds for psychiatric treatment. Please, check your policy in advance. We are not responsible for any misunderstanding of the costs in any case since we explain it to you according to procedure before you start treatment three times and have mentioned it on the website and in our billing conditions.