Our approach

The way we work

We aim to provide a smooth intake, diagnostics and treatment process.

Initial assessment is done by the (child and adolescent)psychiatrist. Further diagnostics may be done by a psychologist. Treatment can be provided by a parental management guide, a psychologist, family therapist, art therapist, psychomotor therapist, sensorimotor integration/fysiotherapist, child and adolescent dietician, paediatrician, (child and adolescent) psychiatrist and/or trauma-sensitive yogatherapist.

We may work individually with the child, parent or adult patient, but mostly collaborate within the multidisciplinary team to create optimal results for patient and family.

We focus on attachment as well as psychopathology, on psychological and psychiatric problems as well as somatic complaints.

We try to enhance the resilience of the patient and expect that patient, whether child or parent or adult, commits to his or her therapy to get the most out of it. This includes e.g. filling out questionnaires, homework exercises, dairy writing, e-health modules, sticking to diet lists, sports/activities, music or art work, etc.

Parents should be prepared that we expect them to reflect upon their own upbringing and way to raise their children as well as their own functioning and interaction, as children are always influenced by their parents. It is not just the child that needs to change or whose problems are focus of attention. Often family dynamics or the relationship between parents, or parents’ management style has to change as well.

We collaborate closely and have regular multidisciplinary meetings and evaluations.