Parents and legal guardians can ask their municipality for a Personal Budget (Persoonsgebonden Budget, PGB) or Paid for Care (Zorg in Natura, ZIN) as (partial) payment for uncontracted specialised mental health care for children and adolescents, also treatment received at iMindU GGZ. We recommend you do that before and as soon as you decide to get treatment at our clinic, since it depends on the municipality how long it takes and these budgets are not granted in retrospect. Regularly, getting a budget may take anywhere from several weeks to several months, but sometimes a PGB can also be granted within a week or so. Request that the date you ask for a PGB is valid for start of the PGB instead of the date a PGB is granted by the PGB-committee, especially in case of urgent mental health problems. We can help you with filling out the PGB request form. Each municipality has its own instructions and rules by which a PGB or ZIN can be acquired. Please inquire at your local municipality. As parents it is your own responsibility to manage the budget and you may request from the municipality to use the services of any doctor or professional you choose. There is free choice of doctor/ ‘vrije artsenkeuze’. The municipality may try to provide you with contracted care instead though.

For Holland Rijnland:

We have a ‘clientstop’ at the moment for our limited budget. Contact your nearest Youth and Familyteam (Jeugd en Gezinsteam) if you still want help from us. We can provide you with a rough cost estimate. Please make sure you hand in all documentation from previous diagnostics and treatments. Ask the JGT to contact us a.s.a.p. to clarify any concerns or questions.

For The Hague:

Call the ‘Servicelijn’: ph. 0800-285 40 70. 

Tell them you want to acquire a PGB or ZIN.

Then contact a CJG near you:

Together with the family coach you look into the possibility to get Paid for Care (Zorg in Natura, ZIN). The help or care will be arranged. You don’t have to organize or administrate anything yourself. In case of a PGB you buy help or care and do the administration part yourself. Together with a special team at CJG the height of the PGB budget will be decided upon. This special CJG team will make the ‘beschikking’, a statement that your child gets the PGB.