iMindU Academy

Living Lab

At iMindU we try to stay on top of scientific and clinical knowledge and care innovations which we continuously try to incorporate into our care for you. Therefore we participate in scientific research, teaching, consultation, professional development, public engagement and policy making. Our honeycomb-beehive concept of integral care is on its way to be published.

Talent4Research Fund

In order to raise money for a to be founded scientific Talent4Research Fund, the AMOR & PSYCHE project will initiate music, dance, art, film and creativity events you can participate in or donate to. If you are interested in sponsoring an event, please contact us! See also under News for the fundraise page at the Bontius Foundation (Leiden Academic Medical Centre; LUMC).

November 2020 the musical letter for those dealing with violence at home ‘Never Alone’ written by Iris Hond was presented during the ‘Week tegen Kindermishandeling’/Week against Child Abuse.

Scientific Research

As a practice we participate in the Re-PAIR study conducted by prof. dr. Bernet Elzinga from Leiden University. If your child is between 11-17 years old and has a depression you may be asked to participate if meeting inclusion criteria. It is your free choice whether or not to participate and it does not influence your regular treatment at iMindU. Also we are going to participate in the SHINE-VR study of Dr. Carlijn Bergwerff of Leiden University. When you have experienced sexual abuse 3 extra Virtual Reality sessions are added to assess whether those have a better effect on reducing shame.”

As a practice we have been invited to present our way of working at the ESCAP in Copenhagen, June 29-July 1st, 2023. Looking forward to this exciting opportunity!

Dr. M.J. van hoof collaborates with prof. dr. Andrés Martin and colleagues from Yale Child Study Center (USA) and colleagues from elsewhere in the USA, Canada, and France in an international project on (online) Co-Constructive Patient Simulation.

Dr. M.J. van Hoof collaborates with Hesther Selbeck and Amsterdam UMC in research regarding the working mechanism, attachment and mental health effects of Contextual Horse Therapy (CHT/in Dutch: CPT), an animal-assisted therapy, the HECHT-study.

Dr. M.J. van Hoof participates as a researcher in the European CONNECT study that investigates mental health adaptation to the COVID-19 pandemic together with colleagues from the NtVP. This study is part of the larger ADJUST study in 19 European countries studying the same topic.

Dr. M.J. van Hoof and C.I. Gelderblom participated in the EPISCA study, which results have been published, see You can download articles there. The PhD defence took place on November 21, 2019, for the PhD thesis see en

We may ask you to participate in new research studies in the future.

Teaching professionals

Teammembers participate in teaching workshops, webinars and at conferences. In 2020 we conducted a three-day online course on Intergenerational Trauma and Violence for RINO postmaster students ‘orthopedagoog-generalist’ BIG-registration. Also we mentored the international Donald J. Cohen Fellowship. In 2021 we teach on child abuse and neglect and attachment for the Leiden Studysociety Child Abuse and Neglect and for NIFP (Netherlands Institute for Forensic Psychiatry) and dr. M.J. van Hoof teaches at Leiden University, master internship developmental and educational psychology. We are collaborating with the specialized clinic Abate (Grootebroek Noord-Holland) in a learning network that we aim to formalize.


GPs, (mental) health professionals, youth professionals, international schools, (international) businesses and organizations, embassies, universities for their (international) students, courts and lawyers may seek advice for their patients or clients. You can reach us when needed and we will try to answer or advice at that moment or a.s.a.p. at a suitable time.

For international schools: we support the Safe Passage program, initiated by Doug Ota, see and Safe Passage Across Networks

Also, we offer a Global Transitions Portfolio so that international moves and school changes are well informed by reliable, systematic and continuous diagnostics and schoolresults and face-to-face or online treatment if necessary. That way, your child’s medical record file and integrated schoolresults are available throughout his or her development, wherever you go.

Participation in policymaking

Team members participate in policymaking at professional societies, e.g. Dr. M.J. van Hoof in the Dutch Association for Psychiatry (NVvP), the Dutch Association for Psychotrauma (NtVP), the Dutch Knowledge Centre (Kenniscentrum Kinder- en Jeugdpsychiatrie), the Young Child Academy, the FMS/NVK/VVAK guideline Pediatric Condition Falsification and the national program to combat child abuse and neglect Geweld Hoort Nergens Thuis (GHNT) from the Ministery of Health.