Referral and admission

Referral procedure

– Ask your general practitioner for a referral letter*; if you don’t have a general practitioner yet, contact one, preferably in your neighbourhood or at the International Health Centre The Hague.

*criteria for a valid referral letter Criteria referral letter GP

– Referral letters from General Practitioners or medical specialists can preferably be sent through ‘Zorgdomein’ or ‘Zorgmail’ to iMindU or by fax 088-2919678.

– Check your (international or Dutch) insurance policy for coverage issues and make sure you know exactly what you can expect.

– If you have a Dutch insurance policy, there is no coverage for children up to 18 years of age, you have to pay  yourself unless we happen to have a contract with the municipality you’re residing in.

– Determine whether you would like to pay yourself, have coverage on your (foreign) insurance policy or get partial coverage through a Personal Budget (‘Persoons Gebonden Budget’) or ‘Zorg in Natura’ for which you have to ask the local community services for their procedure. Please be aware procedures can take up to 3-6 months and until approval for (partial) reimbursement, you have to pay costs for iMindU yourself.

Admission procedure

– Call us yourself , e-mail us and have the General Practitioner call us in case of doubt or questions and refer through ‘Zorgdomein’

– Phone intake by (child and adolescent)psychiatrist to determine whether the indication for the iMindU practice was correct and meets expectations and requirements

– You receive a link to the patient portal iMindU uses for secured communication

– The registration paperwork will be send to you on request; however, fastest way to get an appointment is to download the registration package below and carefully fill out all forms. Please upload the filled out and signed forms in the patient portal:

child registration form Registration form youth iMindU_190527

adult registration form Registration form adult

Developmental history Developmental history iMindU

General conditions Behandelovereenkomst iMindU_190527

Billing conditions Payment terms compensation invoicing_iMindU_190825

privacy statement Privacystatement-iMindU English 2019

permission form Permission form iMindU

compliments and complaints procedure Compliments and complaints procedure 2019

compliments and complaints form Compliments and complaints form

A first appointment at iMindU can ONLY be planned after we have received the completed and signed registration and permission form, general and billing conditions and in case you admit a child, the filled out developmental history  AND received payment of a deposit or your initial payment.