What do we refer to specialized centres?

Mental health issues we refer to specialized (clinical) settings or teams because it has been proven these can be best treated there (exclusion criteria for treatment):

Severe autism
Cognitive ability limited in child and/or parents (IQ<85) Severe behavioural disorders Bipolar Disorder and cyclothymic disorder Primary and severe addiction problems Coercive control cases and families ('intieme terreur') - a specific type of child abuse and neglect Severe suicidality that needs hospitalization to prevent harm (only then) Severe eating disorders that need hospitalization to prevent physical danger Severe or certain personality disorders (e.g. narcissistic, borderline or antisocial personality disorder) We cannot accept children for diagnostics or treatment where one of the two parents refuses to give permission to see the child or doesn't collaborate in the required way. We don't accept patients who just would like to get medication prescribed by the psychiatrist without diagnostics and/or psychotherapy or whose medication was prescribed abroad and is not available in The Netherlands, or whose medication may not be changed according to current insights of the psychiatrist at iMindU. Any acute situation, crisis, pediatric or somatic problem or complex divorce or separation between parents we feel we cannot adequately deal with in our outpatient setting