-Mostly uncontracted, multidisciplinary, (highly) specialized, tailored mental health care for children, adolescents and (young) adults, specifically the international community. Exception: Zilveren Kruis Achmea. More contracted care expected per 2020.

-We help with PGB and ZIN applications at your municipality

-Waiting time well within Treek norm of one month. At this moment 1 week. Winterholiday December 20th 2019- January 6th 2020.

-Referral and admission (open subtab Registration package and forms) completely digital.

-First appointment requirements (open subtab under Referral and admission)

-Digital referral through Zorgdomein or Zorgmail (secured)

-Patientportal for secured communication, e-health modules, and video-chat

-Face-to-face and online treatment

-Intensive diagnostics trajectories or treatment possible (e.g. during vacations or if needed)