Samen beslissen hoe jouw behandeling verder gaat in tijden van corona

[Deciding together how your treatment continues in times of corona

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We follow the Covid-19 measures taken by the government AND provide continuity of care. We can meet online through zoom or have a (conference)call. We also provide online EMDR in combination with Aiki-training by sportschool Rob van der Hoorn. If you need immediate psychiatric support you can always call us and we can try to find short-term solutions for you.

Special online consultation for care professionals dealing with COVID-19 and emotional/mental health issues in daily work: just call us at 088-2919677. Outside office hours leave a voicemail message and/or send us an e-mail at info@imindu.nl for us to contact you.

For care professionals in need of a free listening ear for max. 15 minutes I have limited availability, please check out the Compassion for Care website http://www.compassionforcare.com/en/lucht-telefonisch-je-hart/

You  can reach De Luisterlijn (“the listening line”) 24/7 at ph. 0900-0767, mail see https://www.deluisterlijn.nl

Patients at iMindU have the option to register for a free traumasensitive yoga therapy session each Monday  offered by Esther van der Sande, certified trainer (see Our Team), starting Monday March 23 from 1-2.15 p.m.. Just let us know at info@imindu.nl you’d like to participate and we will make sure you get an invitation link to join the zoom session.

Patients at iMindU can also find free inspiration for maintaining their condition and muscle tension at the website of sportschool Rob van der Hoorn, see https://www.robvanderhoorn.nl/online-lessen-en-trainingen/

All who love art, please check out our News page for how to make a line drawing or how to paint tulips to make fun out of your quarantaine time (and support an artist)!

For those families looking for ideas to empower themselves during the COVID-19 crisis, have a look at our News page.

COVID-19 in de praktijk


-Multidisciplinary, (highly) specialized, tailored mental health care for children, adolescents and (young) adults, specifically the international community.

-Waiting time well within Treek norm of one month. At this moment 1 week.

-Referral and admission (open subtab Registration package and forms) completely digital.

-First appointment requirements (open subtab under Referral and admission)

-Digital referral through Zorgdomein or Zorgmail (secured)

-Patientportal for secured communication, e-health modules, and video-chat

-Face-to-face and online treatment (also EMDR)

-Intensive diagnostics trajectories or treatment possible (e.g. during vacations or if needed)

– We accept international and national restitution insurance policies for adults (according to NZa dbc regulations; Exception: Zilveren Kruis Achmea) and offer uncontracted care for children, adolescents and adults besides. We have several PGB and ZIN constructions with several municipalities for children with diverse (complex) problems.

-We help with PGB and ZIN applications at your municipality. If you’re not in a hurry, please make sure you apply before accepting care at iMindU to make sure you’re granted a budget for diagnostics or a.s.a.p. after starting to get a budget for treatment. It may take some time. Municipalities do not pay backwards in time.

-We have strict billing conditions, please make sure you read and understand them before you accept care at iMindU, it’s your own responsibility. If you have an international health insurance or are an ambassador or other employee at an embassy, we require a warranty (‘garantiestelling’) from that insurance company or your embassy before we start and/or a direct debit authorization (‘incassomachtiging’). Several international insurance companies pay directly to iMindU. Ask your insurance company about it. Besides we ask all self-paying patients for a deposit before start of intake which will be returned to you after treatment and payment of invoices.