Personal therapy – leertherapie

For those becoming GZ-psycholoog, orthopedagoog-generalist, psychotherapist, clinical psychologist or psychiatrist and would like to do a personal therapy (leertherapie) dr. Marie-José van Hoof can be contacted.

In principle sessions will take place every other week at a set hour and day for 45 minutes.

There should be no interfering (close or work wise) connection between the one seeking personal therapy and the therapist.

The one seeking personal therapy will be asked what expectations one has and what issues one would like to speak about. Issues could be related to personal development, private matters, interrelation matters and work- or education related. An active and constructive, motivated stance is expected from the one seeking personal therapy. The therapist works from an intergenerational attachment perspective and will conduct some interviews and assessments at the start for clarification of issues that might be of value during the personal therapy. The therapist will try to aid in empowerment and direction in issues presented.

If one looks for treatment of mental health symptoms at the same time a separate psychotherapist should be found for treatment. If the therapist during personal therapy thinks psychotherapy is needed besides personal therapy she will say so. Psychotherapy doesn’t count as personal therapy and cannot be changed into hours for personal therapy before, during or after therapy.

BIG-registration requires a minimum of 50 sessions of personal therapy, so two years should be reserved for personal therapy at the least. Starting with personal therapy early on during the BIG-education makes sense therefore. Personal therapy cannot be done in a hurry. Any break in between will lengthen the time to be spend.

The therapist is bound to WGBO and other applicable law and regulation requirements. Any border-crossing behavior from the one seeking therapy will be discussed and needed actions taken.

One therapy session costs the hourly rate of the therapist and has to be paid in advance in order for the therapy session to take place. To ease things a deposit or regular payment will be required in advance.