Corporate Governance

Marie-José van Hoof is a NtVP board member for psychotrauma in youth, see
Chair of the working committee on the reporting code child abuse and neglect, see
Chair of the expert group on Trauma & Child abuse and neglect of the Dutch Knowledge Centre Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, see Member of the NVK/VVAK guideline committee Pediatric Condition Falsification

Member of the board of the section Psychotherapy of the NVvP

After the corona epidemic: initiative to collaborate through IACAPAP with All Angels Nepal (see facebook page) and its Dutch counterpart Angel Nepal (A.N.B.I.)

see the book “Mama I’m alive” for anecdotes about Nepal and the projects run by the organization, also available at the clinic and see the Dutch article

Co-founder and now member of the board of the POWER foundation (A.N.B.I.), see or

Welcome to contribute to both organizations!

Consultant for YAPILI

Initiator of Talent4Research fund and AMOR & PSYCHE project (more info to follow soon!)



For each patient we plant a tree in the Balfour Forest east of Nazareth, Israel (see, In this forest communities with a mix of mainly Jewish, Muslim, and Christian backgrounds collaborate in reviving the forest that has been impacted by illness of trees and fires, along the way also improving their mutual understanding and social cohesion across communities, as a microcosmos example of peaceful dialogue and living.

Since iMindU will exist 5 years upcoming November 21st 2021, we will double the number of trees for patients treated so far by then. See also or


The Holocaust Names Monument Le’zecher

Zichrono Livracha

Celina Citroen, born 24-03-1924, 17 years old (Auschwitz)
Jetje Polak, born 31-07-1927, 15 years old (Sobibor)
Salomon de Leeuw, born 07-12-1928, 14 years old (Sobibor)
Nathan Jacob Tak, born 20-03-1935, 8 years old (Auschwitz)

Children’s names adopted at the start of practice iMindU. Never to forget.