Patient Safety


Patient Safety

EPD and medication

The Electronic Patients File (EPD in Dutch) we use is in accordance with professional quality and patient safety requirements, using an electronic prescription device that checks for medication interactions. In order for the EPD to be up to date it is your own responsibility to let us know any changes in medication use, also medication prescribed by other doctors (e.g. GP, medical specialist), homeopathic or antroposophic medication, herbs and vitamins, and medication you decided to use without prescription. We also need to know when you stop medication that you used previously.

First Aid, no AED, liability

At the clinic we have First Aid materials in case of emergency. We do not have an AED, but the RMO (Museum of Antiquities) at the corner of Houtstraat and Rapenburg, about 30-40 metres away, does have an AED and several other buildings at Rapenburg and nearby surroundings as well. If you become a patient at iMindU, please mention to us when you have a cardiac problem you know of.  iMindU cannot be held liable for any mental or physical health emergency or incident happening at or after having visited our clinic, whether or not due to use of the stairs or other parts of the building or outside surroundings.

Non-smoking policy

We strictly keep a non-smoking policy in the building and at the clinic and kindly request patients to also not smoke in front of the building. We encourage patients and visitors to convince themselves to seek help to stop smoking for their own, their children and family,  and general health and benefit, see and A drawing for kids to colour Kleurplaat Rookvrije Generatie.

Alcohol, drug, and medication use & driving

We also disfavour and discourage any drug- or alcohol use, since in general they are poison for the body and mind, often lead to accidents, disharmony or violence among people, and maintain criminality with all environmental, legal, and financial consequences opposite to the UN SDG*. But please let us know when you do use alcohol and/or drugs so that we can keep an open dialogue, keep you safe when prescribing medication and help you reduce any dependency or abuse. Note that driving in the Netherlands is not allowed with more than 0,2-0,5 promille alcohol in your blood depending on whether you’re a just beginning or an experienced driver, see This equals one to two alcohol consumptions. Any drug use influences your and other people’s safety negatively The same goes for certain medication that influences your concentration and reaction speed. Check your prescription whether you’re allowed to drive when using it. If in doubt, double check at your pharmacy and ask permission to drive at Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheid (CBR) if necessary. See their requirements for permission to drive BWBR0011362__Bijlage-geldend_van_01-07-2018_tm_heden_zichtdatum_25-08-2019.

*We’re aware that under certain strictly monitored conditions certain drugs may be used as medication for certain psychiatric or somatic symptoms. Please let us know if you use drugs prescribed by a doctored also any over-the-counter drug.