Samen beslissen hoe jouw behandeling verder gaat in tijden van corona

[Deciding together how your treatment continues in times of corona;

please click on the link above]

We follow the Covid-19 measures taken by the government AND provide continuity of care. We can meet online through zoom or have a (conference)call. We also provide online EMDR. If you need immediate psychiatric support you can always call us and we can try to find short-term solutions for you.

For a summary of practicalities if you need help see subtab Overview

Our phone number: 088-2919677 or e-mail to: info@imindu.nl

For care professionals in need of a free listening ear for max. 15 minutes I have limited availability, please check out the Compassion for Care website http://www.compassionforcare.com/en/lucht-telefonisch-je-hart/

You  can reach De Luisterlijn (“the listening line”) 24/7 at ph. 0900-0767, mail see https://www.deluisterlijn.nl

Patients at iMindU have the option to register for a free traumasensitive yoga therapy session each Monday  offered by Esther van der Sande, certified trainer (see Our Team), starting Monday March 23 from 1-2.15 p.m.. Just let us know at info@imindu.nl you’d like to participate and we will make sure you get an invitation link to join the zoom session with end-to-end encryption.

Patients at iMindU can also find free inspiration for maintaining their condition and muscle tension at the website of sportschool Rob van der Hoorn, see https://www.robvanderhoorn.nl/online-lessen-en-trainingen/

All who love art, please check out our News page how to make poems, a line drawing or how to paint tulips to make fun out of your quarantaine time (and support an artist)!

For those families looking for ideas to empower themselves during the COVID-19 crisis, have a look at our News page.

Please also watch the video by Canadian professor Ruth Lanius when you’ve been traumatized or when you’re a care professional working under difficult circumstances during the COVID-19 outbreak.



iMindU is a multidisciplinary outpatient child, adolescent and (mainly young) adult psychiatric clinic, aimed at the international community, while also serving the local community. It is based in the historic inner city of Leiden in the Netherlands. iMindU aims to provide care with a soul. The clinic itself wants to provide a warm home away from home feeling when you find yourself or your children and family faced with mental health issues while living as an expat in the Netherlands or abroad. Therefore the clinic is furnished with items from all continents and has hospitality as one of its core values. In addition, we speak several languages and aim at no or short waiting lists. If needed or during summer and winterholidays, expats can come for an intensive diagnostics track. Digitally, iMindU offers e-health modules, e-consultation, a digital prescription service for (psycho)pharmacology, online therapy and a global transitions portfolio. This makes it easy to provide continuity over time when relocating.

Intake/first meeting

We first offer a short intake by phone by a (child and adolescent)psychiatrist followed by a first face-to-face appointment with a (child and adolescent)psychiatrist to define what you need. A (child)psychiatric assessment and hetero-anamnesis with parents or spouses is a standard part of inital assessment. Depending on paperwork completed, the first meeting could take place within a week from admission. Check our waiting time on this website or contact our secretariat to inquire about availability.


Our multidisciplinary team keeps confidentiality according to professional standards and GDPR law requirements. We respect privacy issues due to your position in society. Click Privacystatement-iMindU English 2019 for our privacy statement.  Moreover, our computer and software systems have been encrypted and secured in every possible way.

For a summary of practicalities if you need help see subtab Overview

Our phone number: 088-2919677 or e-mail to: info@imindu.nl

Special online consultation for care professionals dealing with COVID-19 and emotional/mental health issues in daily work: just call us at 088-2919677. Outside office hours leave a voicemail message and/or send us an e-mail at info@imindu.nl for us to contact you.