iMindU GGZ is a mental health institution (GGZ-instelling) and has a multidisciplinary outpatient child, adolescent and (mainly young) adult psychiatric clinic, aimed at the international community, while also serving the local community. It is based in the historic inner city of Leiden in the Netherlands. iMindU GGZ aims to provide care with a soul in a healing environment. The clinic itself wants to provide a warm home away from home feeling when you find yourself or your children and family faced with mental health issues while living as an asylum seeker, displaced person or expat in the Netherlands or abroad. Therefore the clinic is furnished with items from all continents and has hospitality as one of its core values. In addition, we speak several languages and aim at no or short waiting lists. If needed expats and others can come in for an intensive diagnostics track or (high)intensive treatment. Digitally, iMindU offers an online intake for Dutch citizens abroad who will come in later, e-health modules, e-consultation, a digital prescription service for (psycho)pharmacology, online/hybrid therapy (e.g. EMDR and CBT) and a global transitions portfolio. This makes it easy to provide continuity over time when relocating.

Intake/first meeting

We have had very little waiting time for the past 6 years (usually 1-2 weeks) after admission and completion of paperwork. We first offer a short intake by phone by a (child and adolescent)psychiatrist followed by a first face-to-face appointment with a (child and adolescent)psychiatrist and psychotherapist or psychologist and intern to define what you need. A (child)psychiatric assessment and hetero-anamnesis with parents or spouses is a standard part of initial assessment. First advice usually possible within a week if agendas match. This could be additional diagnostics and/or start of treatment, followed by a second advice meeting after diagnostics have lead to a conclusion.


Our multidisciplinary team keeps confidentiality according to professional standards and GDPR law requirements. We respect privacy issues due to your position in society. Click 2022 Statement_Privacy_and_cookies_iMindU BV for our privacy statement.  Moreover, our computer and software systems have been encrypted and secured in every possible way.

For a summary of practicalities if you need help see subtab Overview

Our phone number: 088-2919677 or e-mail to: info@imindu.nl. Please contact your GP in case of emergency. The Psychiatric First Aid of GGZ Rivierduinen is available 24/7, Sandifortdreef 19, Leiden. The GP first needs to call them.

We have an agreement with RMA/RMO to deliver specialised mental health care for displaced and asylum seeking people.

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JOB OPENING/VACATURE voor een klinisch psycholoog/psychotherapeut die tevens praktijkopleider/werkbegeleider wil zijn voor PIOP/GIOP, EMDR practitioner/GZ-psycholoog/systeemtherapeut We breiden uit en zoeken een geëngageerd collega om mee te werken aan kwalitatief hoogstaande zorg. see for job description / vacature beschrijving https://www.imindu.nl/about-imindu-our-mission/news/

Applying international postmaster professionals please be aware that the first things we require are that you do speak Dutch at a B2+ level and have a LOGO certificate and possibly a BIG-registration. If this is not the case yet and you still would like to join us, please let us know. but invest in fulfilling the requirements yourself first.

iMindU professionals are certified by or a member of one or more of the following professional societies:


iMindU collaborates with Leiden University, Dutch Knowledge Centre for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Amsterdam UMC, Abate, Instituut voor Vraaggestuurde Psychotherapie, het kinderADHDcentrum, ‘t Vondelhuys, TinyEye, Traumasensitive yoga Nederland, SMCO Kinderfysiotherapie, kinderdiëtistenpraktijk Eetkunst, PMKTLeiden, sportschool Rob van der Hoorn, manege Moedig Voorwaarts