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Marie-José van Hoof, MD, PhD, MSc

(Child and adolescent) psychiatrist, psychotraumatherapist, orthopedagoge
Director iMindU, researcher @ Amsterdam UMC, scientific teacher @ Leiden University, department of developmental and educational psychology
Chair Expert group Trauma & Child Abuse Dutch Knowledge Center Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Board member Dutch Society for Psychotrauma (NtVP), psychotrauma child and family
Chair Working committee on Child Abuse and Neglect and Domestic Violence report) Dutch Society for Psychiatry (NVvP)
Participant Academische Werkplaats ‘Het Jonge Kind’ (the Young Child)
Member Guideline committee on Pediatric Condition Falsification (KNMG/FMS)
Board member science @ Psychotherapy section Dutch Society for psychiatry (NVvP)

My passion lies in meeting people and accompanying them on their path of life themes and challenges. I like to analyze complex problems into small pieces that match simple solutions which sustain in daily life. I implement this in diagnostics and therapy where mindfulness, empathy and compassion meet rational analyses to ensure better mental health and a more fulfilling life. Both nature and culture are sources of inspiration for me, see About Us and iMindU Academy.

Having lived in several countries I’m familiar with cultural, language and logistical challenges expats and repats may face besides identity problems and loss of trusted environments.

I offer several forms of psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, personal therapy (=’leertherapie’) and coaching.

Languages: Dutch (native), English (fluent), French, German (intermediate), Spanish, Hebrew (basic);

Present: fulltime
In case of absence child and adolescent psychiatrist Anke Jaspers will take care of patient care duties.

BIG 79044437901 | AGB-code 03067239 | MRSC registration till July 15, 2022 | member of FMS/KNMG, NVvP, NVP, NtVP/ESTSS, VEN, VKJP, NVO, SEAS, VNVA, FNL, VVPAO, ZP Jeugd | cv see https://www.linkedin.com/in/marie-josé-van-hoof-936a6b12/

and for publications see https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Marie_Jose_Van_Hoof/research

or ORCID   


Giulia Iozzia MSc

psychologist NIP, waiting for BIG-registration as a GZ-psychologist, degree in clinical psychology with distinction from the University of Bologna and 2-year postmaster training with distinction

Experience with adults and adolescents affected by substance use disorders, psychosis, depressive, anxiety, bipolar, eating and personality disorders; focus on attachment dynamics; focus on psychosomatics.

As an expat myself, I’m familiar with the challenge of living and integrating into a foreign community. By working with expats, I, therefore, have the opportunity to express my empathic understanding and support for those who are facing a similar journey. By working in various mental healthcare organizations, and meeting so many different people, I have become increasingly fascinated with the uniqueness of every human being. Helping people to be conscious of their inner power to overcome limiting patterns, is the reason that motivates me to dedicate myself to this job. I believe that part of our evolution is to become aware of our personal resources, and, step by step, use them to face new challenges from a different perspective. Now, I am here to offer you a safe place where you can feel free to express your emotions and make peace with your thoughts.

Languages: Italian (native), English (near fluent), Dutch in progress;

Present: Monday thru Friday; E: info@imindu.nl | cv see linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/giulia-iozzia-728193b5/


Khatun Mirsujan, MSc

working as a psychologist while waiting for BIG-registration as a psychotherapist, degree in child and adolescent psychotherapy with distinction from the 4-year postmaster training in Münster, Germany

Experience with psychotherapy with children, adolescents and adults, in particular Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

During my master’s degree and 4-year postgraduate program to become a specialised psychotherapist for children and adolescents, I have worked with patients and families with a various range of disorders (e.g., depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, conduct disorders, elimination disorders) in the outpatient care as well as in the inpatient health care.

Working with children and adolescents has always been my fascination and passion since these life years play a major role in determining future behavior and personality development.

In my collaboration with patients and families, I focus on strengths and resources of families, which get easily lost in one’s own perception while going through challenges. Alongside, by figuring out together why you act and feel the way you do, it can relieve a lot of stress and make you feel gathering control over your current life situation again.

The words of the psychologist Carl Jung “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become” sum up my therapeutic attitude and why I am so wilful to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Languages: Armenian, German (native), Dutch, English (near fluent)

Present: Monday thru Friday; E: info@imindu.nl | cv see linkedin


Carien Gelderblom, MSc

Orthopedagoge,teacher, MDFT judge, quality officer

Having worked as a quality officer and family therapy auditor, I experienced that the client deserves quality. It is not only a duty, but it is also satisfying to be able to offer that quality, and thus give the client perspective for a better life. Any help for me starts with a sincere and not just professional interest in the patient.

For me, iMindU is a challenging working environment in which I can find this satisfaction: Carrying out careful and individualized diagnostics, parent management and treatment in a multidisciplinary team with each member having his/her own expertise. This fits in well with offering the quality of treatment that every patient deserves. For some of the patients the quality of treatment of iMindU makes it possible to receive outpatient treatment instead of having to reside in hospital or a psychiatric clinic.

My tasks and skills for iMindU currently are:

– Administration and giving interpretation of: symptom and satisfaction questionnaires (Routine Outcome Monitoring)

– Conducting attachment and parenting interviews

– Conducting WISC and WAIS tests (intelligence tests age 6 to 85 year) and other psychodiagnostics

– Coding the AMBIANCE-brief

– Incredible Years parenting course for groups of parents (with children age 2 to 12 year)

– COMET self-esteem training

– Parental guidance and family therapy

Present: Wednesday-Thursday-Friday

Languages: Dutch (native), English, French, German (intermediate);

E: info@imindu.nl | cv see  https://www.linkedin.com/in/carien-gelderblom-5b250a48/


Gijs van der Zalm, MSc

psychologist NIP, family therapist, coach, mediator – complaints officer for iMindU
previously also GZ and clinical psychologist, psychotherapist

Languages: Dutch (native), English, French (near fluent). Present: on appointment

AGB-code | T: 071-5619452 | M: 06-10830422 | E: pvp.vdz@wsma.nl | cv see https://www.gijsvanderzalm.nl/over-mij


Anke Jaspers, MD

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Anke Jaspers will be present to offer psychiatric services during longer absence of Marie-José van Hoof, such as holidays, conference attendance, or in case of illness. A Belgian citizen, married to a Dutchmen, she has been trained in Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

Languages: Dutch/Flemish (native), English, French (near fluent). Present: on appointment
AGB-code | T:088-2919677 | E: JaspersA@imindu.nl | cv see



Regina van Ommen, MD


In 2018 iMindU and De kinderdokters set up a collaboration. Regina van Ommen offers pediatric care to children, adolescents and their families, e.g. pharmacotherapy for children with ADHD, treatment for stomach ache, headache, airway problems and questions about growth and/or puberty. Occasionally, we have also offered pediatric consultation for anorexia nervosa and other eating disorders. If indicated pediatric consultation is integrated within multidisciplinary treatment. Using anamnesis and physical examination a diagnosis is made. Additional labs can be arranged through SCAL lab. If hospital treatment is necessary, a referral will be made by the pediatrician.

For further information see www.dekinderdokters.nl

Languages: Dutch (native), English (near-fluent)

Present: Thursdays and Fridays on appointment

BIG 49041688701 | AGB-code  03016996 | MRSC registration till               | member of NVK, section social paediatrics | cv see https://www.linkedin.com/in/regina-van-ommen-779199115/


Kim Corbet

Kim Corbet, BSc

Child and Adolescent dietician

Kim Corbet, kinder- en jeugddiëtist heeft de HBO opleiding Voeding en Diëtetiek in 2002 afgerond en is na haar opleiding altijd werkzaam geweest als diëtist waardoor ze veel ervaringskennis heeft in uiteenlopende settingen: academisch en perifeer ziekenhuis, revalidatiekliniek en GGZ.

Kim heeft een vriendelijke serene houding en stelt graag open vragen aan het kind en ouder(s). Ze luistert actief en respecteert de denkwereld van het kind. Luisteren naar kind en ouders(s) heeft haar opgeleid tot een diëtist met veel ervaringskennis in de geestelijke gezondheidszorg (GGZ).

Ze heeft een sterk systematisch denkvermogen en is een intuïtief creatief denker. Zonder oordeel voedt ze haar denken en consciëntieus rekent ze de keuzemogelijkheden uit. Wat voor haar telt is dat ze in het leven van een ander verschil mag maken. Door haar werk is ze doordrongen van de eindigheid van het leven wat haar helpt om te blijven werken vanuit haar eigen menselijkheid in professionele nabijheid.

Languages: Dutch native speaker; English (intermediate), Italian (basic). Present: Fridays on appointment

AGB-code  24-001234 | KP-nr 39904597289 | cv see https://www.linkedin.com/in/kimcorbet/


Esther van der Sande, MA Psych, TCTSY-F

Body-oriented Psychodynamic psychotherapy: including in-depth guidance

Attachment issues, trauma, developmental trauma (complex trauma), accidents, processing, grief & loss, PTSD, stress coaching and counselling.

If there is something preventing you from living your life the way that feels right for you, it may at some point become increasingly prominent. That ‘something’ often dates back to your past and is usually persistent, because it is buried in a combination of unresolved issues or situations, resistance and uncomfortable habituation.

It becomes the centre of negative attention and expresses itself as dissatisfaction and disconnection from ourselves and the world around us. In your mind, you do not feel good about yourself or are insecure about whether you are good enough… To sum up, you don’t feel free to be the way you can be, naturally.

The counselling I offer can help you focus on what really needs attention. It can calm the storms of your thoughts and help you achieve peace.  Your body can allow itself to relax, and the whole that you are can recognize itself as being whole again.

It requires your willingness to allow room for this restorative attention to yourself. You do not have to do it alone. As your therapist, I will listen without judgement to what you are really saying. Together with you, I look at what is difficult to face, but without triggering the responses of the past. I am there for you in what can feel painful. We then reflect on what that means in the larger context of your life.

I work from the psychodynamic view that stems from an Eastern sense of unity connected with Western practical psychological understanding. In my therapy sessions, I use a range of techniques including psychotherapy and transactional analysis (TA), mindfulness, neuro-psychotherapy, EMDR and yoga.

Together, we will take a journey until you have really experienced the result of the therapy in your daily life, as a renewed awareness of the space in your own life flow.

Together, we will use therapy to work at a pace that is comfortable for you. My goal is to make you feel better and to free you from the grip of anxiety, depression and emotional hurt. I will help you develop new skills and capabilities, to create a stronger ‘you’ in the way that you want. Many people regard this as developing a stronger ‘sense of self’.

Actually, all qualities that you need to build a stronger you, are already within you but these are sometimes pushed to the background by the events we experience in our life. Greater awareness allows us to make better and healthier choices, to feel connected and to work on the things preventing us from achieving that.

Clients who have completed therapy often feel stronger, look at life with a more positive view, find that they can take on the world again, that they enjoy life again, that energy can flow once more and that they have compassion for themselves.

Languages: Dutch (native), English (fluent). Present: on appointment

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/traumasensitiveyoganederland/

Contact Esther on esther@traumasensitiveyoganederland.com

Website: www.traumasensitiveyoganederland.com

Phone: + 31 (0) 6 11 48 50 57

-February-August 2021: Eveline Vos (Dutch & English speaking)
-September 2021-February 2022: Mattea Degabriele Fiott (from Malta; Maltese, Italian, English speaking) and Marina Volpe Garcia (Dutch & Spanish speaking)
-February-August 2022: vacancy


Margreet van der Wel-Verra, BSc


with extensive academic and international (NGO) experience

Originally I was trained as a pedagogical worker-hospital, at HBO-youth welfare work. After working for five years in the children’s department of thoracic surgery at Leiden University Hospital, I made the switch to development aid at Foundation Terre des Hommes (medical dept.), where I worked for many years. After retraining as a Professional Organizer, I worked as a(n) (executive) secretary and program manager at Leiden University and at the Youth Interventions Foundation / MDFT Academy.

In Dutch:

Oorspronkelijk ben ik opgeleid als pedagogisch medewerkster ziekenhuis, opleiding HBO-Jeugdwelzijnswerk. Nadat ik vijf jaar op de kinderafdeling thoraxchirurgie van het LUMC heb gewerkt heb ik de overstap gemaakt naar de ontwikkelingshulp bij Stichting Terre des Hommes. Ik ben hier 11 jaar coördinator medische behandelingen geweest en organiseerde de overkomst en behandeling van hartpatiëntjes uit Aziatische en Afrikaanse landen in Nederland. Tevens zorgde ik voor de begeleiding van ouders en kind. Toen Terre des Hommes met deze vorm van hulpverlening stopte ben ik bij Interplast Holland gaan werken. Hier werkte het ‘andersom’. Ik organiseerde de uitzending van medische teams naar ontwikkelingslanden, waar kinderen en volwassenen ter plekke geheel kosteloos geopereerd werden op gebied van reconstructieve chirurgie.

Ik ben na 16 jaar ontwikkelingshulp heel ander werk gaan doen. Ik merkte dat ik het prettig vind om te regelen, organiseren en administratief bezig te zijn. Ik deed de opleiding Professional Organizer en was werkzaam als (directie)secretaresse bij de Universiteit Leiden en als programma coördinator bij Stichting Jeugdinterventies, die zich bezig houdt met Multidimensionele Familie Therapie. Tussendoor was ik ook nog uitvaart assistent en organiseerde begrafenissen en crematies. Kortom, van alle markten thuis en nu ben ik opnieuw een heel ander pad ingeslagen!

Dutch (native); English (near fluent), French, German (intermediate). Present: Thursday – Friday

cv see https://www.linkedin.com/in/margreet-van-der-wel-verra-224440198/


Rineke Kosten

Medical Secretary, Office manager

graphic designer

After high school I started a bachelor in Sociology and Non-Western Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. After a few years, I decided I wasn’t passionate enough to continue in this field. 

After extensive research, I became a graphic designer. Initially as a free-lancer at public magazines for a few years, then I started my own company. I enjoyed this profession for over 25 years. Then I decided to take a different path which lead me to become a secretary at a private psychiatric and psychotherapeutic practice in the centre of Amsterdam. Unexpectedly, this kind of work suited me very well and gave me a lot of pleasure. Meanwhile I have grown into an all-round office manager.

Dutch (native); English (near fluent); French and Spanish (basic). Present: Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday

cv see https://www.linkedin.com/in/rinekekosten/