Our Services

When to consult us?

  • If your child has a mental health issue, a third culture kid issue or a pediatric problem
  • If your child lives in the Netherlands while you as parents live abroad as expats
  • If you as a young adult, either as a student or already having joined the working force, have a mental health issue
  • If you as a parent have a (mental) health issue and difficulty in dealing with parenthood or third culture issue

(Mental) health issues for which you can consult us:

  • anxiety and panic, social anxiety and phobias
  • Depressive complaints
  • Low selfesteem
  • Psychotrauma, complaints of stress e.g. sleeping problems and burnout
  • Concentration problems, hyperactivity, tics, and difficulty to obey
  • Rigidity, need for sameness and symmetry, focus on details, difficulty in social engagement
  • oversensitivity to noise and light or daily sounds of people (misophonia)
  • compulsive pulling of own hair (trichotillomania) and other neurotic behaviour
  • Difficulties with language, speaking and hearing
  • Difficulties learning or going to school
  • Intrusive thoughts and rituals
  • Depersonalization, derealization, dissociation
  • Child not reaching expected developmental milestones
  • Psychosomatic complaints, unexplained somatic symptoms
  • Difficulties dealing with chronic illness in child and/or family
  • Issues with respect to divorce and parenthood
  • Eating problems
  • Advice, not treatment, on light and mild addiction problems (gaming, smoking, alcohol, drugs)
  • Pediatric problems
  • Dietary advice
  • Parent management advice