Terms & Conditions

Click for the general terms and conditions of iMindU, updated per January 1st and May 1st 2022. General and billing conditions also apply to ambassadors and other embassy employees according to Dutch law.

Billing conditions

Click here for the billing conditions of iMindU; A Personal Budget (PGB) or Zorg in Natura (ZIN) can be requested from the local municipality, but can take several weeks to months to acquire. Also when a PGB or ZIN is mutually approved, payment is the responsibility of the parent or adult seeking help or treatment.


Click Kwaliteitsstatuut iMindU for the official quality standard (‘Kwaliteitsstatuut’)


Click Privacystatement-iMindU English for the iMindU Privacy statement. iMindU works according to the rules laid down in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR / AVG) in the Netherlands. The GDPR is the act for the protection of personal and private data and regulates obligations and rights of organization and client. Specific rules apply to privacy in Dutch healthcare, laid down e.g. in the Medical Treatment Contracts Act (WGBO). Dutch law applies to all treatment and other products of iMindU.

In order not to be obliged to share personal and medical information with insurance companies, municipalities and other third parties, you can sign your own privacy statement in addition to the iMindU privacy statement. Team members at iMindU however already keep confidentiality in multiple respects.

Suggestions, Compliments & Complaints

In case of suggestions, compliments or complaints, please contact iMindU immediately to express these and clarify any concerns. We take complaints or any other comments about our care and services very seriously. We truly regret if you are dissatisfied with the quality of our service. We view all complaints as an opportunity to improve our services and the care we deliver. For the complaints procedure, a complaints form and a patient satisfaction sheet click here Compliments-and-complaints-procedure and Compliments and complaints form, 2022-Klachtenreglement-Jeugdwet-KPZ-NVVP – Regeling voor de behandeling van klachten van cliëntenor Patient satisfaction sheet.
For youth: Klachtenportaal Zorg per April 5, 2022.
For adults: Klachtenportaal Zorg and in some cases NVvP klachtenfunctionaris for wkkgz

The complaints Officer for iMindU is Gijs van der Zalm, MSc, a retired clinical psychologist and psychotherapist and still working as a psychologist NIP, family and relationship therapist, and mediator. He can be reached at , ph. +31.71.5619452 or mobile +31.(0)6.10830422. In case a meeting with the internal complaints officer doesn’t help enough and an external complaints officer is needed you can contact Klachtenportaal Zorg ( or in some cases e-mail

Patient and parent council

In the future iMindU aims to have a patient and parent council consisting of children, adolescents, their parents and adult patients. The patient and parent council may give advice on request or spontaneously for all matters concerning patient care at iMindU. The patient and parent council will be coached by an independent specialized coach.  If you’re a patient at iMindU and would like to be part, please let us know.