Our specializations

We have specialized in:

Individual and family treatment in case of

– Attachment issues (loss, abuse, neglect, foster, adoption, refugees, third culture issues)
– Parent-child interaction
– Psychotrauma, child abuse, neglect and sexual abuse
– Second and third generation WOII psychotrauma
– Anxiety, depression, psychosomatic complaints, acute and posttraumatic stress disorders
– Emotion regulation and personality development
– OCD and tic disorder
– rare disorders and diseases such as trichotillomania, selective mutism, misophonia, Alice in Wonderland syndroom (AIWS), Hallucinogen
Persistent Perception Disorder (HPPD)
– mental health issues related to somatic diseases such as bleeding disorders and hormonal disorders.
– Chronically or terminally ill children, see separate page

– Any other childpsychiatric mental health problem e.g. ADHD, selective mutism, eating problem, learning problem, autism we can advise you upon- whether we can offer help or whether it is wiser to refer to a specialized centre.

Special Services

– Intensive outpatient treatment as an alternative to clinical inpatient treatment

– Vacation intensive diagnostic assessments and treatments for third culture kids
– Trailing spouses groups
– Psycho-education groups about third culture issues and mental health issues

– Coaching of third culture kids staying in the Netherlands without parents (in a host family or boarding school)

– IQ-testing and other diagnostic assessments needed for various reasons (choice of school level, developmental or other delay)

– group psycho-education about parenthood “Incredible Years”

Consultation for

– international schools, businesses and organisations, embassies (see Personal Global Transitions program)
– Consultation, coaching, supervision, training, presentations for General Practitioners, child protection services, ‘Veilig Thuis’, MDCK’s, youth care institutions, municipalities (see iMindU Academy)
– Diagnostic and second opinion reports for youth care, child protection services, jurisdiction
– Personal therapy (‘leertherapie’ voor BIG-opleidingen)